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Our Mission is to provide a collaborative environment that promotes discovery, creativity, and exploration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) We focus in Education, Entrepreneurship, Recreational Exploration and Open Source. We are a nonprofit makerspace in Birmingham Alabama dedicated to bringing a community together to learn, play, and grow in STEAM areas.

Build A 3D Printer Class 2017

Our focus

Tech and Engineering

We offer multiple labs and tools for your tech and engineering needs! From Circuits labs to 3D printing labs, members have access to entire host of tools and space at our Makerspace!



We offer multiple labs and tools for your artistic needs! We offer Sewing space with industrial sewing machines, woodshop, metal working tools, and more! Come stop by!


We offer multiple labs and tools for your scientific needs! Want to explore plant life, maybe try your hand at brewing. You can at Red Mountain Makers! We offer a biochem science lab for your scientifically inclined curiosity.

What else we provide?

Room Rentals

Rent your own personal room that you can decorate and store your projects at Red Mountain Makers

Hack Friendly

Seriously we have a hack zone full of parts ready to be dismembered and re-purposed! We take in all kinds of technological based donations! Plus We love open source ideas and work! At Red Mountain Makers, we try to stay as collaborative friendly as possible.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge is a powerful thing and we provide a community that can help fill in the gaps in your knowledge. We don’t know everything but we have a diverse community of Makers who would love to help. Exploration into the unknown is the start of an adventure here at Red Mountain Makers.

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Our team

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Our Focus Areas ?

We are a nonprofit makerspace that delve into many areas of interest whether it be 3D printing, cosplay and wearable technology, or botany.
No matter your curiousity our makerspace is sure to have something to pique your interest and if not we follow a "do-ocracy." Make it. Do it. If you see a need that could be filled, make it happen (within reason of course).
Many of our labs exist because of this rule. Labs that could exist with some "elbow grease" Music Technology? Glass Blowing? Photography?
Can your space exist? Ask does it fit our focus areas.

We focus on the following areas:

  • Education in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)
  • Pre-incubator space to develop your next product/service and get you a step closer to entrepreneurship
  • Recreational exploration, development, and creation in STEAM
  • Open Source contribution and being the ultimate Hack-able Space

Help Fund our projects

Red Mountain Maker Relocation
Technology and Engineering
Art and Creativity
Science and Discovery


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Latest news

Image of lighted diodes and connector wires on an electronics breadboard.

Class – Introduction to Arduino

This class is for anyone who has never played around with Arduino before and those who have played around a little bit but aren’t entirely sure about how the basics work. You’ll put together basic single component electrical circuits, learn about analog and digital, input and output, basic programming concepts, practice very basic Serial communication, […]

6158: The Story of FRC Team 6158 and the Rocket City Regional

Our little rookie robot team from Woodlawn High School (yes, THAT Woodlawn – like the movie) made it as far as the semifinals in the FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) Rocket City Regional at the end of March in Huntsville. We were the ONLY rookie team to be asked to join an alliance for the playoff […]

3D Printing Classes Are Here! Enroll Now!

Build Your Very Own 3D Printer, Win One, or Come Learn How It’s Done On Ours! Red Mountain Makers is proud to announce our “Introduction to 3D Printing” series of workshops during which we will guide you through every step of the journey to fully understanding this ground-breaking technology. Over the course of the last two Saturdays […]

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