Georgia Tech classes on Coursera

Via one of our Makers, John Rhymes.

“Georgia Tech offers a variety of free courses through Coursera.  If you are interested in robotics, the Control of Mobile Robots course from last spring is available, along with the course materials.

I’ve watched the first week, and it sounds like the materials may be updated each year.  There is an optional robot build (the QuickBot, based on the Magician chassis and a BeagleBone Black) for hands on testing, and a MatLab based simulator with a student license for MatLab for the duration of the course.  It looks like there is a new version of the robot.”

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We could use your support on Giving Tuesday

LED Frame in test mode

It’s Giving Tuesday, and this is our very first ask!

Help us grow. Over the past two years, we’ve put in a lot of sweat equity. Our founding members – and those who’ve joined us along the way – are deeply committed to creating a space in Birmingham, where exploring technology is fun, creative, inspiring and challenging. Where one can learn about things in a social environment, and connect with those with similar interests.

In the past year, we’ve moved into a workspace, established fiber, print and computer labs and a meeting room, and grown our supporting membership to 35. Completion of the permanent Shape Lab is in sight, with the permanent Circuits Lab to follow within the following month. We have a functioning 3D printer, with another one coming within the month, and a color laser printer. We’re now planning our 2015 classes, community tech events and educational outreach.

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Power Wheels Race Post Mortem (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the Power Wheels mod adventure…This is the race to get to the race with a functional vehicle.

So did we make the race? Well, yes and no.

Last Minute RepairsI had to leave at 8:30 am on Saturday morning to get home for my son’s soccer tournament.  Ann and Shan were already in Atlanta waiting, blowing up my phone at 9 hoping that we were on our way.  Unfortunately, the guys were still chugging along trying desperately to get the car tested.  I didn’t hear anything back from them until around 11:30am.

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Power Wheels Race Post Mortem (Part 1)

If you have been following our progress, two weekends ago the Red Mountain Makers attended the Atlanta Maker Faire to enter into the 2014 Power Wheels Racing Series race.  The races were on both Saturday and Sunday and there were about 16 teams.

We pushed hard to finish the project the last two weeks in September.  The battery cost was picked up by one of our sponsors Tools for A Time out of Jacksonville, FL (Thank you!). They gave us the three 12 volt motorcycle batteries we needed to put in series to make the 36 volts need to run our motor.

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