LED Matrix Update 4

We made a push on Tuesday, April 1 to get halfway through the LED matrix project. Our first prototype was a 40” frame used as a test model and holds the first four columns of lights.  However, this past Tuesday we were working the additional eight foot frame.
For those of you who love to know how things made, the frame is very simple. The goal was to make it light-weight, modular, and have the ability to allow light from the windows to pass through easily.  The base of the frame is a pine 2×4. Then a frame is made out of 1” read more

LED Matrix Display Update February 11

February 11 LED Display Matrix Meetup Update

TraeSolderingThis week we were able to knock out 21 more driver boards. Thank you to Trae, Jarrett, David and Kurt, they knocked out 80% of the boards we needed for the project!  JC, Rick, Baird, David and I worked on wire stripping and crimping Molex pins.

I think we finished seven total column sets of wires, only 20 left to go…hopefully it will go faster next time, I went ahead and ordered my own Molex pin crimping tool to speed things up. I think a few of the other guys are going to get one also.

BTW, I also ordered some read more

LED Display Matrix Update 3

LEDDriverFinishedBoardAfter one missed Tuesday due to Birmingham’s Snowpocalypse Part 1 (Jan 28), we regrouped on Tuesday (Feb 4) on the first week of February.  Everyone came out in full force to help solder the boards we recently etched.  Rick brought his mini-table saw and cut out 16 more from the two 4″x6″ plates then Baird, Kurt, Rick, Jarrett and David soldered seven of the driver boards.  We ran out of driver sockets so improvising we ended up soldering the chips straight to the board. The driver chip had to be soldered first because it was too difficult to get the pins in the read more