New Shape Lab getting close!

For those who’ve been following our makerspace startup closely, you know that we’ve had a lot of work to do over the past two years. When we started using the space for meetings and activities, it was an old medical clinic that needed  a lot of work to make it a usable as a makerspace.

Over the past two years, we’ve upgraded the electrical, brought the space up into compliance with the fire code, added new lighting, painted and opened up the old exam rooms to combine them into larger more usable rooms. Thanks to the hard work of our members, volunteers and other community members, and also thanks to the generosity of lead members and community members who have purchased materials, equipment and supplies for use in the renovations, we are now getting close to the end of the beginning. 

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Hour of Code with Woodlawn High School

Logo for Hour of Code introductory programming eventThe 2015 Hour of Code introduction to programming event will be running from December 7th – 13th. Members from Red Mountain Makers will be working with Dr. Douglas’ class at Woodlawn High School to get students started programming – and to promote interest in engineering, design and computer science. We could use your help. If you are a computer or programming student or professional, and would be interested in talking to or working with the students that week, please email treasurer at redmountainmakers dot org to make arrangements.

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YourDuino Demonstrations, Monday Nov. 2nd

YourArduino logo, showing a Comic Sans logo with a robot man between Your and Duino.Woah – our first product demo @theSpace!

YourDuino (a.k.a. Terry King and Mary Alice Osborne), from West Topsham, Vermont, will be visiting the Red Mountain Makers space, on Monday November 2nd

Terry and Mary Alice are here to talk to people about Arduino circuit boards – and what you can do with them! They will have some of their kits and other parts available for sale during and after the presentation.

They will have an interactive display with several live Arduino examples. In their presentation they will go through the sequence of designing, connecting and coding a simple Arduino project. They would like to discuss people’s interests and possible projects and give helpful feedback and suggestions on how to get started.

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