Fiber Lab Basics

We’re almost ready to officially launch the Fiber Lab. I still have a few more equipment thingies to document (such as which machines use short shank feet and which use long – you really don’t want to use the wrong foot type!) and some supplies to purchase before we get going. I’m taking appointments for Member and Maker equipment certification after October 6th (this is to ensure that you know how to use the machines without breaking them – after that, go wild!). Email me directly to set up a time that is mutually convenient for both of us.

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Power Wheels Mod Project Update

Make sure Birmingham represents at the Atlanta Maker Faire – invest in T-Wrecks and get cool stuff from our Indiegogo Campaign

We’ve been truckin’ along on the Power Wheels mod this past week. As of today, we are 21 days from the Atlanta Maker Faire on October 4-5, 2014.  What pressure? The Red Mountain Makers have officially entered the Power Racing Series race as Team T-Wrecks #205.  Your team is given a limit of $500 and 1440 watts to modify a child’s Power Wheels vehicle for head to head racing against other makers, college students, and hard core electric car hobbyists.  From what I have learned so far, it is a fabulous way to cut your teeth on understanding the basics of how to build an electric vehicle.

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Need to unload some sewing stash?

Red Mountain Makers can help you!

We’ve just finished installing shelves and storage in the Fiber Lab. Which means….. we now have places to put thread, sewing notions, tools and accessories.

If you are downsizing (or know someone who is downsizing) we can now accept material goods donations (fabric, interfacing, zippers, elastic, buttons, hooks and eyes, etc) – and issue a tax receipt!

To arrange donations, please contact Celeste Pfau, our Fiber Lab host, or Shirley Hicks at secretary at redmountainmakers dot org.

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The Best Innovation Comes from Necessity

When life gives you lemons…or breaks your pelvis; don’t waste too much time with self pity when you have have a huge opportunity in front of you.  That is what Gilad Wolf did. He took the time to make life better for not only himself, but countless other handicapped people throughout the world.  Personally, I can’t believe that this hasn’t been tackled as elegantly as his interpretation in over 60 years of wheelchair manufacturing??

Trae and I had an exploratory conversation the other day about where we see the Red Mountain Makers makerspace/hackerspace in another few years.  I told him I felt it should eventually be place where anyone can come to learn how to develop their own ideas into software and/or hardware products/tools that can be produced in small market test production runs. This Birmingham makerspace will give each person the opportunity design and develop their own ideas as well as full control over their own financial destiny.

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Alabama Makerspace Alliance listserv

As per discussion at the Montgomery Maker Festival, we’re setting up a makerspace listserv for discussion of organizational stuff specific to makerspaces within the state of Alabama.

Although I anticipate that the bulk of the discussion on the list will be with regards to non-profit spaces, for profits are also welcome to join to compare notes regarding obtaining insurance, membership management systems, wikis, websites, servers, security, leases and other organizational issues, and also to discuss co-ordination and planning of a regional mini-maker faire within the state for some time in 2015.

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