Field Trips

Visit to Noisebridge, San Francisco

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I recently visited San Francisco,¬†stopped by Noisebridge, and left a message on their scrolling LED display: Some interesting previous messages there: Bush Did The Moon Landing h4k m3 plz Welcome to noisebridge! We love you. gibe moni plos Donations & Chill? require(“left-pad”) Noisebridge: Now Web Scale! They like RGB LED pixels too – an interesting […]


A visit to the Sons of Vulcan

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I visited the (Daughters and*) Sons of Vulcan for the first time with five other Red Mountain Makers members on a Thursday evening twelve days ago. I had _no_idea_ that there was a foundry¬†complex so close to our location in Woodlawn. It’s all of 200 yards around the corner and up a block – at […]