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A new open source 3D rendering tool

Eric Sherouse, at the Red Mountain Makerspace
Eric Sherouse, a co-founder of ,a href:”https://3dorchard.com/”>the 3D Orchard CAD modeling software stopped by Red Mountain Makers this evening.

3DOrchard.com is a new Alabama-based open-source 3D-design and modeling open website on a mission – to make 3D design and modeling software easily accessible, available and easy to use.

Eric Sherouse, one of the co-founders, stopped by the Red Mountain Makers space this evening to talk about his new site, currently in beta.

For the software development geeks reading, he and his partners developed the site using the Javascript libraries WebGL and Three.js.

If you’re interested in learning more about the site and what you can do with it, Eric will be back in May to demo the software and to talk about what you can do with it.