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3D Printing Classes Are Here! Enroll Now!


Build Your Very Own 3D Printer, Win One, or Come Learn How It’s Done On Ours!

Red Mountain Makers is proud to announce our “Introduction to 3D Printing” series of workshops during which we will guide you through every step of the journey to fully understanding this ground-breaking technology. Over the course of the last two Saturdays in May, you will establish an intimate familiarity of 3D printing including working theory, application, assembly, configuration, calibration, and operation of a 3D printer. NOW is the time to familiarize yourself with the most disruptive technological breakthrough since the personal computer! Customary Red Mountain Maker Member and early-bird registration (ends 4/30/2016) discounts will apply!


What is 3D printing? How do 3D printers work? What type of materials can be printed? How is 3D printing applied to industry? How does it innovate? These are a few very common questions people ask about 3D printing and are all great questions! We are prepared to answer them for you.

It’s Ground-Breaking Technology

Traditionally, manufacturing is a slow and expensive process. Industry spends many billions of dollars each year on the research & development and prototyping process alone, before a product ever even gets to production. We’ll explain how 3D printing is innovating that process, and the impact it will produce.

The 3D Printing industry is expected to change nearly every industry it touches, completely disrupting the traditional manufacturing process. As a result, the projected value of the industry is expected to explode in the near future, reaching $5.2B by the year 2020.


3D Printers Are Simple Machines

This is only true for people that understand them well. Without any familiarity of how they work, they can be quite intimidatingly complex machines. We’ll help you understand them well by explaining the name and function of each component of a printer in simple to understand language.

3D Printing is Fun!

3D printing is not exclusively available to business and industry. With the costs of printers decreasing dramatically over the past few years and emerging open source communities, widespread adoption of 3D printers by consumers and hobbyists is growing exponentially. People just like you are adopting the use of 3D printers to make art, create their ideas, and to overcome common problems and challenges they face daily.


Class 1: “3D Printer Assembly and Configuration”

by instructors Michael Jones and Sandy Campbell on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 at 8:30AM

When & Where:
Saturday, May 21st, 2016 at 8:30AM until all printers are assembled and calibrated
Red Mountain Makers (subject to change)
5502 1st Ave N
Birmingham, AL 35212

We’ll share our tools, knowledge, and years of experience by walking you through every step of assembling, configuring and calibrating a 3D Printer.

You’ll choose one of two options for this class: (1 or 2)

Option 1 ($600)

We will walk you through every step of assembling and calibrating your very own 3D printer. You will start with a box of parts, and by the end of day be the very proud owner of a quality 3D printer that you assembled yourself.

Cost of class option 1 includes:

  • All parts necessary to build your very own 3D printer
  • One roll of 3D printing filament (you’ll choose the color during registration)
  • A 3D printing toolkit
  • One free month of membership at Red Mountain Makers (begins day of class for non-members only)
  • Free lunch (Pizza)
  • Free enrollment in Class 2

Option 2 ($150)

You will work with other students to assemble and calibrate a 3D printer. At the end of the day, we will randomly pick a student to win the assembled printer (a $500 value).

Cost of the class option 2 includes:

  • One free month of membership at Red Mountain Makers (begins day of class for non-members only)
  • Free lunch (Pizza)
  • Free enrollment in Class 2

Class 2: “Introduction to 3D Printing”

by instructors Michael Jones and Sandy Campbell on Saturday, May 28th, 2016 at 8:30AM

When & Where:
Saturday, May 28th, 2016 at 8:30AM until all topics are covered and all questions are answered
Red Mountain Makers (subject to change)
5502 1st Ave N
Birmingham, AL 35212

Cost for this class is $60

Just want to know how they work, what they are good for and see a demonstration of a 3D print? This basic workshop will give you a full understanding of how 3D printers operate and much more. Learn to print on our printers! We’ll discuss:

  • Different Types of 3D Printers and How They Work
  • 3D Printing Materials (PLA, ABS, Composites)
  • 3D Modeling Primer (software)
  • Slicing an Object & Print Settings (software)
  • Printing Demonstration
  • Common Problems & Troubleshooting

How to Enroll

Click here to enroll in Class 1 – Build your very own 3D Printer
Click here to enroll in Class 2 – Introduction to 3D Printing

STEP 1: Register for the class by clicking either of the above links and completing the form.

STEP 2: You will receive an email soon after completing the registration form. It will contain a link to pay by Paypal, or Credit/Debit card. Once we receive your payment you are all done. Don’t forget to pay for the class! We must receive payment within 24 hours of your registration in order to confirm your registration.

Early-Bird discount ends 4/30/2016
Members of Red Mountain Makers are eligible for customary 20% additional discount!