re: Memory workshop

Learn about Backyard Brain’s Heart and Brain Spiker Shield! See it in action!


Workshop led by Carleen Mae Subasap, UAB Neurology student.

re:Memory is an interactive performance bridging art and science. Using the research of memory storage, nostalgic sensory stimulation paired with live biofeedback, and experimental theater, explore how memory works in the mind and brain with local artists, scientists, and everyone in-between. Before our full performances at the Birmingham Museum of Art (April 7), Discoveries in the Making at the Homewood Library (April 14), and the McWane Science Museum (TBD), join us for workshops and demos throughout February and March to flex your creative, intellectual, and physical muscles: what does it mean to remember? what smells or sounds stimulate the strongest memories? what is the difference between remembering a movement versus a melody?

Everyone is welcome Thursday at 5 pm for a workshop featuring Backyard Brain’s Heart and Brain SpikerShield to develop the live biofeedback portion of the performance. Develop experiments to find the best sensory stimuli (audio, visual, motor coordination, etc.) and the best brain wave signals to monitor. No experience necessary! Teach US something new and learn by doing.